Moving part or all of a business operation to a new location or finding nearshore partners is a major decision for any company.

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Establishing a new nearshore business operation is a major decision for any company. We aim to remove any worry or uncertainty from the process by providing a “one stop shop” service for companies that choose to develop nearshore operations or to develop new B2B relationships. We have a team of local experts on hand in all key locations in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic/Scandinavian Countries to help you with any of the following activities:

      Location Analysis

      Grant Aid Analysis

      Partners Identification

      Legal Requirements

      Recruiting and Training staff

      Introduction and facilitation of key relationships

      Tax and financial services and advice

      Local accountancy services

      Links into local business networks

      Establishment of Banking facilities

      EU Grant Aid

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The CEE and Baltic Sea area offers outstanding opportunities for UK Companies that are seeking to outsource aspects of their production or services.

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We have an extensive database of companies in these areas that are looking to become B2B partners for our Client Companies.

We offer a customised selection process to find and shortlist potential partners who can meet your product or service specifications and provide an integrated end-to-end service to:

  • Identification of potential suitable partners;
  • Assistance with partner shortlisting and selection;
  • Escorted visits to potential partners;
  • Assistance with negotiations and contracting; 

We have now worked with 100s of companies to deliver outsourcing opportunities.  Depending on the scale of the potential project grant assistance can be available to our clients.

We have potential partner companies from the CEE and Baltic Sea areas in the following sectors;

  • Biotech
  • Meditech
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Business Processes and Customer Support and Services
  • IT Products and Services
  • Furniture
  • Food and Drink


EU Countries in the CEE and Baltic Sea areas have Billions of Euros to spend on attracting and supporting foreign investor companies who choose to build business relationships or conduct R&D in these areas.

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Grant aid is available for Companies that relocate or set up Joint Venturing with a local company and can take the form of Wage Subsidies, Assistance with Capex and Training costs with typical subsidy levels of up to 50%.

A number of states also operate grant aid programmes for R&D activities including patent cost acquisition and the levels of subsidy can be up to 90% depending on the project. 

In some cases additional tax breaks and other advantages are available if the project is located in one of the Special Economic Zones. There are over 100 SEZs within the new expanded EU.

Equity and Grant provide an ‘end to end’ EU Project Grant Analysis Service for UK companies that are seeking to establish overseas operations.  This  Service is designed to help companies identify the most beneficial location for their project and takes account of available grant aid packages within a particular location against an analysis of in state metrics such as tax and accessibility for any particular project.  From this we help you choose the right location and if you wish to submit a bid for financial assistance we can prepare this for you as part of our service.

We can also assist with arranging:

• Escorted in state and potential partner company visits;

• Meeting with potential local partners;

• Meetings with R&D establishments and trade sector groups;

• registering a legal entity in the chosen state;

• Property searches;

• Training and recruitment support;

EU or National Grant Bid writing

• Local Labour Market Analysis.





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We have access to and relationships with a number of investment funds based both in the UK and in the CEE area. Since 2009 our clients have received offers of equity investment exceeding £50 million.

Since 2016 we have secured Public Sector Tenders and Contracts for our clients with a value of more that £7m.

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We work with Pan European Investment Funds who have substantial available investment funds. We also work with UK Based Business Angel networks and UK based Corporate Finance and Equity houses. In particular we are proud to be Associates of BA Capital and we have access to over 2000 UK based “sophisticated or High Net Worth Investors through their network.  In addition we also have access to 30 overseas Angel Networks in Europe and the US, we have access to Venture Capital through our partners 33 Capital.

We provide services to help you select which of these routes might be suitable for you if you are seeking investment to develop your business. We can also help you to prepare for an investment round and to present your business so that you obtain the investment you might require.

Our investment team have previously managed Investment Funds in the UK and Europe and understand the motivation of Investors and what they are seeking within an Investment Deal. We can therefore advise you on each step of the process and provide as much or a little assistance as you may require.  In addition we can add value to any investment proposition by identifying additional EU grant support that is available from CEE and Baltic Sea Countries should you wish to locate an R&D project in that region.



Recent changes in UK Public Procurement policy mean that the Government Contract market has been opened up to smaller companies (and non UK companies) that would like to supply services or products to UK Government or Municipalities.

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Recent changes in UK Public Procurement policy mean that the Government Contract market has been opened up to smaller companies (and non UK companies) that would like to supply services or products to UK Government or Municipalities.  Recent analysis of contract awards show, that in recent tender competitions, SMEs have been successful in gaining more than 60% of all work being tendered.  This is a significant change, as in the past UK Public Procurement was dominated by a number of large companies that traditionally won the majority of tendered work.

The UK Public Procurement system has also now fully adopted the EU regulations that allow EU Companies to tender for supplies and services on an equal basis with UK Companies.  This means there are now real opportunities for EU Companies to successfully tender for Public Procurement Contracts in the UK.

At any one time there are 1000s of open UK Public Procurement contracts in just about every possible business sector.  Getting access to these tenders is complex as they are advertised through different channels and to get a complete understanding of the currently available opportunities is a time consuming task.

We provide a service that allows EU companies to register with us for our Tender Alert service, which means we will do all the searching of the relevant tender sources for you; this includes;

Notifying your company when a relevant Public Procurement tender notice is issued;

A summary of the key points of the tender (value, duration, any key requirements);

A copy of the relevant tender notice and tender documentation;

Copies of any clarification questions (and any answers) asked by potential suppliers to the Tendering Authority to find out more about the tender. 

This service is available on a monthly subscription basis. Please contact us for more details.

In addition we also provide a full range of services to help you apply for and win UK Government Contracts.